Sunday, March 3, 2013

35th Annual Napa Valley Marathon Race Report - Napa, California

-172 days to Felix
March 3rd, 2013

43rd Overall 9th AG. 2:56:57 

What a day.  Haven't felt this good pre, during and post marathon in any of the 10 marathons I have now done.  Feel like I am starting to nail the training and glad Craig and I took a chance on this build to try something different and see how things would go.

The NVM marathon itself is incredible. One of the best I have run and when you combine a closed course, point to point route, cool weather, superb scenery with only one race - the marathon, you get a great recipe. Added bonus was a complete ban (enforced by DQ) for headphone wearers. I'm split on whether folks should be allowed to race with them, but it was just nice to have this one race where everyone was aware of each other and even able to interact more than usual. That being said it was kind of weird seeing a pack of 7 guys around the 3 mile mark doing a round of introductions when most of them could hardly breathe let alone speak.