Saturday, September 7, 2013

2nd Annual Full Moon 5k Race Report - Firestone, Colorado

16 days
First Race since birth.

2nd Place Overall, 2nd AG 18:39

What a fun race!  No idea what to expect out of a small newish local race and was really going just to run as hard as I could and see where my fitness is at.  Feeling very fortunate and lucky that Wendy let me escape for a couple of hours while she watched Felix and gave me a chance to run.  Felix is only 16 days old and the lack of sleep is staggering.  I'm not sure how we are both even functioning right now and even operating a vehicle is a bit sketchy at times.  Another good reason not to travel too far for a race right now.

It looked like a few hundred runners turned up with a handful of folks that looked fast enough to be there to really run.  It was a warm morning and I already had a sweat going just standing at the start line.  After we were sent off there was a group of about 5 of us that stayed in a group most of the way to the first mile.  The pace was solid but I was surprised that it was a bit nearer 6.07 pace and not faster.  That seemed to shake up a few others as they took their splits and started to heat things up a bit.  The eventual winner took off but came back to us as we hit a little hill and I took the lead around 1.5 miles.  I started running scared, having no idea how close everyone was (RIGHT behind me I later found out) and trying to listen for the spectator claps/cheers to get a sense of where the others were.  I pushed hard up the final hill before the turn and long straight descent to the finish.