Saturday, July 20, 2013

35th Annual Buffalo Stampede 10k Race Report - Cheyenne, Wyoming

1st Overall, 38:59.  Days from Felix: -33days

Well this one made my running career a lot more fun.  For as long as I can remember I've had the dream of winning a stand alone running race outright.  I've had two second places before, years ago, but never thought I would have the opportunity.  It always comes down to who shows up on any given day and I guess I just got lucky today.

Coming on the back of my amazing 50mile race experience in the San Juan's this was all the sweeter.  While that was a memory I will cherish forever, it wasn't a performance I am proud of as I struggled all day. Moving down to a shorter distance and getting a good result was very enjoyable.

The day started off with a challenge.  Getting in to the Air Force Base to actually race!  The guards at the gate were turning all non-registered runners away even though the RD had assured us there would be a lane devoted to runners arriving on race morning that hadn't signed up.  After thinking I had driven a good 90mins for nothing we finally got a group of folks that couldn't get in (including the finish line timer) and slipped through.  The 10k was entirely on the base and started at the same time as the 5k.  While this was a small low key local race it had the most dramatic start I have ever been in.

The race is supported by the missile command which handles the inter-continental ballistic missile fortifications that protect the US.  They kicked off the race with a cannon blast that literally stopped everyone in their tracks for a second or two.  Talk about adrenalin rush and getting off to a quick start.  I was in 3rd from the beginning and hoping the two ahead were going to turn off on the 5k course.  Sure enough they did and I had the road to myself with the lead biker.  I was nervous to take a peek behind to see who was close and left it to around the 2 mile marker before we hit a corner and I could get a safe look back.  I had a really nice gap that as long as I kept up a strong pace meant I shouldn't get caught.

After that, it was all a bit uneventful.  I was able to cruise the last mile and give myself a pat on the back for achieving a lifetime goal even if the competition was sparse.  Sometimes you just get lucky I guess.

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